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GROUND LIFT connections                                                                                     _       
Below you'll find a slew of sites representing the varied interests of the GLmag Staff. From like-minded
'zines to fresh indy rap labels to online record shops, it's all here..

If you'd like to submit a site not on this list, email us here

on the beat                                                                   
Killer crate digger site with tons of rare groove reviews, mixes and the ever popular discussion forums. raer.

Ever need to know who sampled a song? Look no further. Features a gigantic searchable database and discussion forums.

New- fangled, oddity-centric vinyl dudes. In the land of silicone and botox, these guys are bringing honor back the O.C.

You may balk at the inclusion of ?uestlove's powerhouse, but dudes talk about rare groove on occasion, give it a try!

Your one-stop shop for all things hiphop. An excellent portal into nearly every facet of the worldwide culture

the wire                                                                         
culture-related news
UK hiphop magazine. These guys offer the latest hiphop tracks, news, videos, music reviews and more. Updated daily.

This is the OG gangster of hiphop news sites. For nearly a decade sohh.com has kept the masses satiated. Hold tight.

Great jazz news site that features both new school and older artists. Their reviews and gig listings are particularly useful.

Stay up on all the latest news in the downtempo world. New release, articles and interviews. Exclusive mixes with Chicken George.

Beats, rhymes & life from around the web. Dope mp3 blog with the latest in Soul, Hiphop, and Downtempo from artists the world over.

read the label                                                               
records never die
Rudy VanGelder and his infamous label live on.. These days, in addition to Jazz, you might catch Blue Note messing around with hiphop.

California-based imprint specializing in rare groove reissues, downtempo and hiphop releases. A digger's best friend.

Progressive hiphop label begun by DJ Shadow, Latryx and Blackalicious. Although they've all gone on to bigger things, the label survives.

Rare groove reissue label specializing in Funk, Reggae and of course, Soul Jazz. These guys bring the real heat everytime.

cop that                                                                        
online vinyl merchants
Washington State record cat who has been dealing for as long as we can remember, he's even got the beard to prove it.

LA-based hiphop music and gear shop. They've recently opened a store on Pico but offer their entire inventory online as well.

California dealer who operates on the low, but consistently offers up crazy heat at very reasonable prices. Holler!

Insanely rare Jazz, Latin, World, Funk records. Although the price tags match the rarity, you'll often come up on grails.
high art                                                                           
bomb the world
The premier graffiti website. Huge picture archives, with artists representing the world over. Their store even offers fat caps. It's that real.

French graf site entirely written in French. Could be tough to navigate for a non-speaker but their massive photo archive is easy to understand.

Florida-based mag dedicated mainly to their local scene. These guys are mad talented designers and will stencil your eyes out.

Belgian site containing tons and tons of graf pics. If you didn't know, wild style throw-ups are alive and well in Europe.

urban/music fashion
This Canadian duo has taken their love music and translated it into fresh threads. Check out their handmade, handpressed designs.

Chicago/UK-based clothing & toy designers specializing in limited run items. Every Formula Werks design becomes scarce within months. A clothing/toy collectors dream!

Novem is yet another Chicago-based clothing design collective. Their designs generally
revolve around hiphop and urban culture.

various artists                                                              
everything else-related

Web-based company that provides original instrumentals. TFS offers a variety of genres which can be used for recording artists, websites, film scores, events, and more.