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The Message
They can't get what's inside of my DNA. We may be from one, but we are not all the same thing under the sun. I do not look like you homie. I don't talk like you, my walk ain't like you, I don't comb my hair lik..
Dudley Perkins & Georgia Anne Muldrow: The Message         by Jeff Min
Evolving humanity, from 2012 and beyond...

In an age where unjust men pass judgment and the world's leaders are in need of spiritual rehab, G&D's mission is one of unity, soul, and love. Consisting of Georgia Anne Muldrow and Dudley Perkins, G&D are blue walking soul people born from Black music. After releasing a handful of critically acclaimed LPs as solo artists, G&D left Stonesthrow and have recently united for two albums as a duo, Beautiful Mindz (w/ DJ 2Tall) and the upcoming Message Uni Versa.

A loose translation of Message Uni Versa, according to scholars and professors, is "one song in the universe," or "we are all one," depending on whether you ask the scholars or the professors. An abstract message of beauty and love, the album is an outpouring of their respective souls, but becomes your own life after one listen.

Sometimes tough to lock down for an interview, Ground Lift was fortunate enough to speak with Cali native Dudley Perkins for some insight into the G&D state of mind, why things went sour with Stonesthrow, and how the year 2012 will bring about an evolution in mankind.

When I listen to your albums they're very rich with a powerful message behind it, do you feel that you play the role of a prophet for a larger context?

We've actually discussed this ourselves (we: referring to his work with Georgia Anne Muldrow). You really don't see what happens until afterwards, the aftermath, the things that you do. So after a few months we evaluate the effect of records now because they have such an impact on people. So I guess we're realizing now and coming to terms with that; that we're messengers for a greater divinity. You know, we do have this compassion in our hearts and it gets a bit overwhelming at times. It bonds us to creativity; it takes us to the creator.

Your albums Beautiful Mindz and The Message Uni Versa have a strong creative vibe, and in order for that to occur you need to have an intimate knowledge of self and a firm belief in your ideals. Do you ever feel pressure to subdue that aspect of yourselves to make your music more listener friendly?

I never really thought about that until we read what people started to say about me and Georgia in the magazine. It's gotten overwhelming, the critics, about my God-talking, to the point where they dumb down what we say. I've had interviews where they say I'm talking a bunch of "warble wobble" and that I sound like "Old Dirty Bastard" this and that. In fact, I think that the people that hate on our music are the most intelligent people in a big ass closet, and they can't get out of their closet. They can't be truthful in the world no matter what; we ain't got time to hate on my "little warbly words" and Georgia's beats. I heard it on Okayplayer, all these sites that hate, it's hate. What we're speaking on is the words of God. Whatever you want to call God, we're speaking in that harmonious fashion. In fact, if you listen real closely we're lyrical there; we got our lyrics down pat.

Our cadences are different than others, yes they are, our choices in selection of music are different than others, yes they are, because we are in creed with God; we are being on the one like God said. God walks through you. We've been asked by friends, "ARE you gonna keep doing this? Are you saying the right things?", it doesn't matter…if you don't want to listen to it, don't! And when somebody hates on you that bad where it almost seems personal, and you're talking about God, you better check that dude's credentials.

Yeah it's tough, some people aren't willing to let their guard down to really absorb the message, and at that point it's hard to give a fair critique.

We live in America; a country where everybody is afraid of everybody. Where they try to say love everybody, but are they trying to find the true truth? No, because they still send there children to normal schools that slow them down. We think about war, we think about killing, we think about manipulated killings, where our soldiers have to kill to feed their children. Then they come back to a country sick and they can't get help, they can't get medical, come on now…wake up America.

So what exactly do you think is keeping America from getting your message?

You know what it is? It's the media. Why do you think it's being controlled? Why do you think people are writing songs about it? They watch channel zero. Propaganda, media is the force that riles up people. Like the emergency horns; it's always been music and sound. You change up the sound, you change up the people.

Is this a message you and Georgia share?

When you do what you're supposed to do in life and you're being real with your life, and I mean really doing that, everything [happens that] is supposed to happen because it comes from the play. [It's] why you are here on Earth in this form and that's what you are. I guess at the same time we both shouted out 'feeling time' and it brought our forces together. We're about to change music, that's a real egotistical statement, but we're about to change up the game right now. We're actually doing something that the divine told us to do.

So what is it that led you away from Stones Throw?

Well, Stones Throw is a DJ/Hip-Hop label and they're catered to certain artists, and the music that me and Georgia do…I mean c'mon we're holy almost. A label who's genre is like that, is not geared towards spirituality.

In all actuality, Georgia said that they didn't treat her right and I'm backing her up 100%, and if they got anything to say we'll beat they ass. Stones Throw ain't got no love for Dudley Perkins and Georgia Anne Muldrow, straight up. You can see it in the media, you can see it in ads, and you can see it in everything that Stones Throw did. We had love for them, and we still do, Peanut Butter Wolf's my homie, but the machine they created, [I'm] gonna have to piss on that. Ask some artists on Stones Throw if they ever get their checks from their record sales, if they ever get promoted for their tours, and if they do go on tour it's the DJs that blow up. Ask them why they can promote a stuffed animal, but not some nigga faces. That's old Jazz standard.

Madlib's crew, they gonna pay Madlib. They can't do him wrong cause he runs this whole structure, if Madlib leaves the building it's gonna explode like in a movie. Georgia Anne, one of the most prominent artists on the label, walked away. We walked away. We asked for our contracts back, we said, 'Hey can we get off of Stones Throw? It ain't working right.' They didn't publicly announce that because as long as people still think we're there…I mean look at it, is Wildchild still there? No, and there really isn't anymore 805 homies on Stones Throw no more.

On Message Uni Versa you talk about 'God Units,' and I was wondering if either of you dealt with devils masked as gods?

Yeah, we all walk with people like that, they're people that really don't see the glory of God. If you don't follow God, you can't see. You're supposed to walk with the divine presence. That pretty much sums it all up, but as long as other people have different names for God, there's gonna be conflict. But yeah, we have been amongst demons and I call them demons straight out. If they ain't doing what's right, they demons. I call out my own demons on wax, I don't hide nothing I don't have to. I'm gonna die one day and as long as I don't harm nobody, I'll be okay, and as long as I help everybody, I'll be the better.

Is their anyone that you worked with in particular that stood out as a harmful presence in your life?

Well, I see them all as God presences. If you talked to anybody that has worked with and knows Dudley Perkins, I see them all as God presences. I love everybody beyond belief and I want to help everybody, so I try with all the lyrics that I have. Me and Georgia Anne are on a mission like that. I mean it's hard to look at another man in the eyeball and stick it to them because there's something inside hurting them. So if you're around a bunch of hurt people that don't want to be healed, why stay around them? Let them heal and come back so you can play in the field later, but right now go through some healing homie. I don't want to pick out no names. I can't, know what I'm saying? I could say Stones Throw the machine, but I'm not going to pick out certain names. That'll cause a lot of problems and would cause some black eyes to be had. My homies from 805, those are my cousins for life…that's my family. Medaphor, Oh No, Madlib, Lootpack, DJ Romes, Wildchild, and Roc C, that's my fam. Even Peanut Butter Wolf cause those are the ones that I know, the ones that I met during my travels.

We didn't get no promotion [laughs.] We weren't gonna speak on it in magazines and stuff like that, but you know what, people need to know what's going on with Jazz label standards. In fact, people need to realize it is you that the people work for on these labels, you know what I'm saying? All the people on those labels they're making money off of your creative ability. Then they critique it, break it down, and try to rearrange things and they try to control your spiritual evolution. That's why they could deem Hip-Hop dead because the labels have been stifling it; same old same old copy cat music. If you got that then you ain't got nothing. The creativity has fallen off on both aspects, by the artists and by the labels. As long as me and Georgia realize that music is gonna heal this world, we're warriors of the light force, and a lot of people can't stand being around the capital of that multitude. But hey, so what, we live once and if we don't hit that quota we will come close.

Do you think people are ready for that?

If you notice through time and through years, nobody can stop Dudley from dropping records. I have a hold on dropping some underground records. I've been lazy, I could drop more [laughs], I could drop a record everyday and have it put out. Promotion or not, it'll be out there.

To try and put this into context, these demons and the injustices going on in the world seem to pull this artistic ability out of you. Do you find any irony in the relationship between the things that bother you and the art that comes out as a result?

You know I'm learning history myself and I've found out that when Mother Earth calls out she's gonna pull the warrior out. I'll gladly take that position because I live, I lurk, and I see things. I have to, I'm curious. I know what I'm doing and I know what I'm saying and everybody says that I sound like I'm not there…c'mon I'm 100% awake. I wake up everyday and I'm not just talking about from my bed.

What is it that's driving you forward through all this and what's up next for you and Georgia?

Well, the thing is not to dictate it; let it flow, let it happen. Every time we try to drive this car we run into a wall. If we let it run on auto-pilot, we rolling, we good, we doing our thing.

Is there any artist, author, or musician who confirms the sort of message you're conveying, that inspires you?

When I look in the mirror and I can actually see my spirit that's all I need to know. I don't need to know from anybody else, I don't need nobody to tell me anything. I can't go by anybody else's judgment. I have to know that they know about themselves. I know about myself when I look in the mirror. When I look in the mirror and I see my soul telling me what to do, it's ancient spirits. I know what I'm supposed to do, and I know I'm connected with the first water of the earth.

Could you elaborate on what 2012 means and how it's found its way into your music.

I'm still studying the art of 2012, the math of it, but it just came to me and I wrote it in my music. I must have heard it somewhere along the lines of my life to where I mentioned it and someone said, 'Oh that's the Mayan thing.' Automatically I was curious, the Earth ends in 2012? I'll still be alive, so I started to do research on it. What must I do to prepare myself for this kind of stuff? I didn't learn that in school. Learning and preparing for it, you come across all kinds of knowledge and wisdom.

I'm an artist, I draw, photograph, I paint; painting is a way of sitting still with God. I've been painting since I was a child, so when I contemplate on this 2012 message that I've received, whether it's true or not, there is a change coming. When you're excited about something it's hard to keep it in, and I'm kind of excited about it. It's about something new happening, like the X-Men, when they found out that they had power at 14 years-old, they got excited.

It's a complex message to have and some people may have difficulty in understanding, are people out there that feel what you're doing?

Well, we all could understand, but people go to church in their little closet sessions. A lot of people are afraid of being spiritual, but we're all spiritual beings the moment we're born. We choose to come here and we leave here, we choose to leave here. We're told to be creative; we're created to be creative. We have the choice to do whatever we want, and whatever decision you make you'll be judged for that. If you decide to be evil, you'll be judged, and if you try to be right you'll be raised. This is what you get out the earth: you get out what you put in. Every single one of us has it, but some of them just don't want to see that because they're so conditioned by another ruling, an elite party or society.

What if this world is coming to an evolutionary change in 2012, why are we separating even more? Shouldn't we be coming together? Shouldn't we be learning? Shouldn't we be loving? Why are we killing each other? Why would you kill anybody? Why!? I don't care what color they are, because of a name? Allah? God? Come on now, why!? Ask yourself why. Why are our American solders over there killing babies!? To feed their families!? It's common sense, murder is murder, there is no way around it.

A lot of people trip off of my music, I know they do. They clown me because I'm telling the truth, and I'm funky when I do it. God gives me the funkiest beats on the planet, check themselves on that! That's why I'm hated on the most. I'm one of the most slept on artist in creation. The truth manifests through me five hundred fold and I'm allowing it to come on in like a spotlight. I have nothing to lose because I never gained anything through it. I live from the ground up of giving and receiving; I give everything I got, and I get a lot then give some more. I keep it moving. I play the game how it's supposed to be played. I play the divine spirit, I let him control me. I can sit back and say, 'This is tight!'

It ain't just about music, I like to draw pictures. I'm true to that also. Everything I do I'm going to be true. I'm walking for the divine. I love God, and if I love God that means that I love you. That's real and nobody can take that away from me, never, and I can intensify that as much as I want and as long as I want; regardless of knowledge, wisdom, and whatever people tell you. Man, you can buy knowledge in a bookstore.

Yeah, barcoded info.

They can't get what's inside of my DNA. We may be from one, but we are not all the same thing under the sun. I do not look like you homie. I don't talk like you, my walk ain't like you, I don't comb my hair like you, and my fingers print different. But, we're all from the same thing and we breathe the same air. Ancient air, ancient water, it's in you. The water that inhabited the Earth the day it all started, that's the water that's in your body. That means that you're ancient. Act that way! Act like you got some sense. We're blessed to be here; to be here on this Earth to experience this wonderful thing, good or bad.

If today was your last day, what is it that you want the world to know about you?

I cared, I truly cared, and I will continue caring. That's what they'll know about me when I pass; caring is to be creative. I will leave this planet a creator, and I will continue to create. When I chose to come here through my mother's womb, I came here as an artist and I'll remain that way. When I leave, I'll remain that way. I'm painting a picture here now, I figured it out. I'm going to paint the cosmos and I'm not coming back as man no more. I think I came back too many times before. I don't know history homie, but history is coming through my system. God gave me a history book to live with: Georgia Anne Muldrow, she's a history book. I know the path that I'm on right now, I'm not stupid. It ain't about no Jesus complex, I care. It ain't only me, there are millions of us. God gave me a platform through music, people do it through cooking. I'm just a loud ghetto dude who loves God.

For your next album, will your philosophy change since you've received so much attention towards the content?

I'm not sure if we're getting more attention with the exception of MySpace, but with this new album, it's going to lead to a solo for Georgia and one for me as well. I'm gonna change it up a bit though so I can strike back. I've had priests and pastors come to me and talk, telling me that I'm tripping. Off the pure oneness I'm like nah, 'You're the one tripping.' I've got killer Christians in my house, the type that will kill off a whole society with their beliefs. Not actually kill you, but the ones that say, 'If you don't believe in Christ, you don't make it to Heaven,' that's half the world.

I'm not trying to say I'm better than anybody, I just have a chance to say what I believe. I have a chance to say what I'm doing in this world, what G&D is doing in this world. We're creativity to the divine end. I'm not talking about gospel music either, those are slave songs. I'm trying to get away from that, they regurgitated those songs and they've lost power. We're doing new songs that have power, that have effect. You need a reaction to spark a revolution.

The Earth is alive and it's a blueprint for us. Every time we burn and chop and don't return it, man, don't you think the Earth is going to get tired of us? It's burning me up, come on now, global warming your ass. It's God's wrath, we didn't learn how to go through this stage. We're supposed to learn how to go through this stage. There's going to be some souls that do go back through to the new world though. Bob Marley, Buddha, John Lennon, their minds will make it through.


Dudley Perkins & Geogia Anne Muldrow's latest album (as the duo G&D) Message Uni Versa is available now through Look Records.

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